ZS/KW1O Station Antenna Comparison
My radio station in Pretoria, SA uses a variety of HF antennas. The NCDXF Beacon monitoring antenna is a
Maldol HVU-8. It is a small apartment antenna which became a necessity when I was in Washington, DC. It
isn't the best DX antenna around, but if it is receiving a beacon, you can be assured that the band is wide
open. Below I have the HVU-8 referenced to other antennas connected to the radio room - I mean HAM Shack!
For reference, I am located approximately 10 miles to the North of ZS6DN over hilly terrain in a suburb of
Pretoria. RF noise is very high here in the 20 meter band which produces low S/N in the 14 Mhz range.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Note: 4U1UN and 4S7B were not operational at the time I collected this data! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
(omni-directional maybe)
Carolina Windom 40 @ 7.5 meters (SE/NW)
(radiation is broadside towards Europe/Asia)
Hustler 6BTV
(omni-directional most likely)
(omni-directional maybe)
(omni-directional maybe)
(omni-directional maybe)
Custom Multi-Band Loop facing NE/SW
(Radiation towards USA and Austrailia)
(omni-directional maybe)
25 foot Vertical Wire on AH-4 Tuner
(omni-directional probably)
Some Observations About the KW1O Antenna Farm

The Carolina Window (The Radio Works) is by far the best DX antenna on the Farm. The Custom Loop comes
in second, but it's not close. An antenna's beacon reception can give a pretty good idea as to which
antenna is better than the other, but the differences are greater than the data indicates in the real
world. The Carolina Windom and the Custom Loop are very quiet antennas. All the verticals are noisy with
the vertical wire on the AH-4 tuner being the worst DX antenna I have due to it's high noise level - it
is the most versatile as it can tune anywhere from 3-30 MHz. The Hustler 6BTV is a pretty good antenna
and relatively easy to install. Because of it's easy installation (and tuning), it can make an excellent
field antenna or EMS base station antenna at a disaster site. In the high noise environment of Pretoria,
it is as loud as it is deaf. While it always gives me 599 signal reports on TX, many times I can barely
copy the station due to the higher noise of the vertical - again this is all my verticals. If you can't
hear them, you can't work them. Verticals are excellent antennas, I'll take a Vertical over a plain
Dipole any day for DX work.
BUT, for serious DX, greater than 5000 miles, the Carolina Windom - 40 at
just over 25 feet AGL is clearly the best DX antenna I own.